Image by    Sara Orme

Image by Sara Orme


I’m Annabel and welcome to my Word Resort - a website of prose and poetry written to make people feel less alone in the world. Click on and there’s a bunch of other things I’ve done and am doing.

I’m a published poet, professional copywriter, travelling through the world, trying to cover it in shards of the glass ceiling as I go.

When I’m not waxing poetical, I freelance as a writer, digital + social strategist, creative, producer and content creator. I’ve worked major brands around the world such as TAC, CUB, Nike, Barbie, Telstra, Ethique and Trade Me as well as emerging independent organisations trying to make a difference in business and the world.

Work stuff
Get in touch if you want to talk turkey and see case studies and I can show you graphs and hype reels that put the money where my mouth is.

Yes please, I’d love to write something for you. Send me things.

Thanks for reading. Quite impressed you made it this far given the current attention economy to be honest.