Cowboy weather

Go dancing with no partner.
Go sailing with no wind.

Throw into the night nothing but hot possibilities with strangers.
Strap a pair of boots to wheels and roll down the streets like you imagined you could when you had an office job and nothing else felt real. 

Sweat lemonade in a dark room with a slow fan, swimming only in your sleep.
Lie back in the dirt of the park with the stoners and ciggie butts so the siesta can steal your time.

Meet me in the afternoon in this cowboy weather -
the morning part of the evening when the sun starts to split but the heat’s still dripping.

We’ll sit on top the Seven Tits and skull tinto while the wild flowers grow out underneath us,
while the sky melts into this city you’ve loved forever but never seen before.

Walk home late to Lavapies,
throw pistols at the wind and forget everything for a second -
it’s dark now. Don’t let anything else keep you up.