You think there are things worth keeping
so you keep them,

even if they’re heavy or uncomfortable -
you might need them one day and

what if you needed them
and they were gone -

or worse - you kept things to take but
they weren’t the right ones. It’d be like

going to the party but all the music’s wrong or
the restaurant’s nice but there’s nothing good to eat.

Hoon a vape and go to Spellbox,
try to find the answers there

in the blue hair of a seer called

who spreads cards in a fan in front of you, rolling
her hands across the deck

into your misty future.

We want to take things but we also want
to let them go. We want

room for newness but space for
sentimentality too.

That stupid defiance where we want it all.
We want to

forget that nothing is irrevocable.
We want to believe that something can be forever.

We’re alive with the hope of it -
that everything can change in an instant -

and sometimes it happens.
And sometimes nothing happens at all.